A Dental Bridge Is Often the Preferred Method for Replacing a Lost Tooth

When a tooth is lost to an untreated case of tooth decay or severe dental trauma, the impact on your overall oral function can be profound. In some of these cases the void left in the mouth can alter the patient’s appearance and cause problems with speech clarity. Over time it could also change the alignment of the nearby teeth.

If you have recently lost a tooth it’s best to schedule an appointment with a dentist like Dr. Saad. After a basic examination he can help you understand your options for replacing the lost tooth.

Many patients will choose to have a dental bridge restoration. The treatment process is designed to install a single piece of dental work which includes a dental crown on each end. It will eventually be anchored in your mouth on abutments prepared from the core of the two teeth that neighbor the void.

The dental bridge will be constructed in a from materials that rival the durability of a natural tooth enamel. When it’s ready you will need to return for a second appointment to have it cemented in place with a special type of dental adhesive.

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