A Trapped Wisdom Tooth Can Cause Significant Discomfort and Complications

In ancient times tooth loss was a far more common occurrence than it is today. Nature provided a modest amount of compensation for this by providing third molars deep within the gums at the rear of the mouth.

Modern dentistry and oral hygiene have thankfully reduced the occurrence of tooth loss, making these vestigial wisdom teeth obsolete. For some people, emergent wisdom teeth can prove to be a significant problem with sometimes painful complications.

As a wisdom tooth attempts to erupt from the gums it can cause pressure in the gums or a persistent ache in the jaw muscles. Sometimes a wisdom tooth can become trapped, or otherwise turned at an unnatural angle. The discomfort can be increasingly alarming and could even cause a dental cyst to develop.

In some cases, an impacted wisdom tooth can even damage the otherwise healthy roots of the rear molars. This could even cause the total loss of one or more teeth.

Sometimes wisdom teeth can be extracted without the need for sedation. However, a significantly impacted tooth might require Dr. Saad to surgically extract it. In a case like this, it’s also a good opportunity to have the other wisdom teeth extracted.

Afterward, Dr. Saad will likely provide you with a prescription for pain management or anti-inflammatory medication. Any other dietary questions or concerns will also be addressed. This often includes eating soft foods and drinking fluids without using a straw.

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