Finding the Right Type of Floss for You Helps Encourage Daily Flossing

The American Dental Association offers a series of guidelines to help individuals maintain good oral health, while also preventing cavities and periodontal health problems. This includes having a dentist perform a routine dental exam and cleaning twice each year, as well as brushing your teeth twice and flossing at least once each day.

Finding the right type of dental floss will help keep you and your family members encouraged to floss each day.

There are different variations on dental floss that you might want to try. While there is no difference in their clinical effectiveness, finding the variety you like best will keep you and your family members encouraged to floss each day.

Unwaxed dental floss is simply a plain strand of monofilament or braided nylon that has not been treated with a waxy coating. While some manufacturers will apply added flavors to unwaxed floss many sell it plain.

Waxed dental floss has a special waxy coating applied to the strand. This also helps to slip the dental floss into tight places. It can be especially helpful if a member of your family has tight-fitting teeth or someone is struggling to floss around the orthodontic hardware of braces. The wax can also be treated with flavor additives to make it cosmetically appealing.

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