Hazards That Can Keep You from Your Dream Smile

You deserve to have a beautiful smile, which is why our dentist and team highly encourage you to maintain your oral hygiene and regularly attend your dental checkups. These habits are very important since they help to detect and prevent the effects of substances and activities that can be hazardous to your smile. We urge you to avoid these following dental hazards as much as possible to have the smile you want:

– Having ineffective dental hygiene. If you do not to brush twice a day or floss daily, rinse with mouthwash or schedule checkups, then your smile could be at risk for a variety of dental issues, including tooth decay and gum disease. Having good oral hygiene is very important.

– Chewing on pencils and pens. If you gnaw on hard objects, then you are risking cracking your teeth. You might not notice any cracks at first, but the more you chew, the larger the crack can become, resulting in a severely damaged tooth.

– Consuming unhealthy foods and drinks. The sugar and acid in certain products can weaken your teeth over time as the acid reduces the strength of your tooth enamel which leads to cavities. We encourage you to find foods that are good for your teeth.

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