Phone Applications You Can Download for Your Child for Healthy Teeth

Did you know your smartphone can help your child take good care of their teeth? Well, it’s true! In fact, there are many different kinds of applications you can download to help your child care for and even learn more about their smile.

The first application is one that helps them properly brush their teeth. This application (which could be “Disney Magic Timer” and other apps like this) focuses on helping kids brush twice a day for two minutes each time. This app has a character that brushes along with your child and encourages them to brush away “clues” as the time passes. There are also other apps, like Toothsaver, Time2Brush, and Brush DJ, that have medieval and folk characters as well as music to brush with.

The second application is one that lets your child see what their smile will look like if they had dental treatments. This app allows your child to upload a picture of themselves and choose certain dental treatments for their smile. This shows them what braces, veneers, and fillings would look like on the teeth. It also shows what dirty and clean teeth look like, which can encourage your child to keep their smile clean and pristine.

The third application is one that lets your child be the dentist. This app has many different characters that your child can choose from. Once your child chooses their character, they can treat smiles. They can fit cavities, clean the teeth, improve bad breath, and even whiten the teeth.

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