The Basics of Oral Emergency Treatments

If an oral emergency should ever happen to befall you, it is important to remember how to care for your smile in times of crises. The decisions you make during those crucial moments after an oral accident occurs could be the difference in weeks of recovery compared to days. Listed below are some of the basics of oral emergency treatment techniques:

– If you have lost a filling, use a piece of chewing gum or dental cement to protect the area until you get treatment. If you have lost a dental crown, protect the area with a cotton swab preferably coated in clove oil.
– If you have an object stuck in your mouth, try using an interdental utensil such as dental floss to remove the item. Never use sharp objects to try and dislodge them.
– If you suffer a bitten lip or tongue, wash your mouth out with water to keep the wound clean and administer gauze until the bleeding stops. If you severely bite your lip and tongue, you may need to see a doctor for stitches.
– If you crack or fracture a tooth, clean the area around the tooth so it is sanitized and clear of debris and use gauze on the wound to slow the bleeding until it stops.
– If a tooth becomes dislodged or falls out, it may be possible to save it by placing it in milk or an approved tooth-saving product such as Save-A-Tooth, until a visit to your dentist to allow them to set it properly into place is arranged.

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