The Basics of Wisdom Teeth Removal

If you are curious about your wisdom teeth, then you have come to the right website! Our dentist, Dr. Saad with Rhome Family Dentistry in Rhome, Texas, understands wisdom teeth and is happy to provide this information for you.

Wisdom teeth create alignment issues among many people with their teeth. In the vast multitude of people, the wisdom teeth do not have sufficient room to grow in. As a result, they become impacted or stuck and cause pain and misalignment issues in your smile. Wisdom teeth are widely known for causing problems to your oral health. Even if they do not bother you yet, they may begin to cause problems or pain eventually.

Some of the most common complications that wisdom teeth can produce include infections, pain, bleeding, swelling, crowding or damaging your other teeth, and severe decay that can arise because they are hard to reach. If your health care professional advises the removal of your wisdom teeth, that is because the removal of them could help your smile in the future.

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