What Causes Tooth Sensitivity?

If you have tooth sensitivity, you may feel a twinge in your teeth when you drink hot chocolate or take a breath of cold air. This is a very common dental condition that Dr. Saad and our team see quite frequently and are committed to helping our patients treat. Knowing what causes tooth sensitivity can help you know how to avoid it.

Your teeth contain tiny tubules in the dentin (the inner layer of the tooth after the harder tooth enamel) that transport fluid to the tooth nerves, and they can cause you to feel discomfort when the fluid moves inside the tubules. The dentin and tubules are normally are normally protected by tooth enamel, but a loss of tooth enamel or the progression of gum recession can expose them. When this happens, you could feel discomfort when eating cold or hot food, touching your teeth, or breathing in chilly air.

Practices that expose the inner tooth include brushing your teeth too aggressively and exposing your teeth to harmful acids frequently due to acid reflux, bulimia, or drinking citrus juice or soda.

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