What You Should Know About Dental Anxiety

Would you be interested in hearing that you should schedule an appointment with our dentist at least once every six months? These biannual visits actually give us a chance to examine your teeth and gums and address any dental issues we spot. Still, do you remember when you scheduled your last appointment with us? Similarly, have you ever avoided visiting our office because the thought makes you anxious?

However, if you’re suffering from dental anxiety, there are several options you should think about. Please note that sedation is a solution we may recommend. As you probably know, there are many types of sedation. If you’re interested in dental sedation, we can discuss the options that might best meet your needs.

Furthermore, did you know that dentistry has actually made several advancements in recent years? In fact, most dental treatments are done with minimally invasive, quiet tools. Still, these tools are, in general, quiet and small. With improved technology and sedation options, most treatment options are virtually painless. Still, we suggest telling your dentist about any questions you might have before you visit our office.

Again, please be aware that scheduling regular checkups with us is important. If you’d like to hear more about dealing with dental anxiety in Rhome, Texas, we invite you to give Rhome Family Dentistry a call at 817-636-0608. Our dentist, Dr. Saad, and our team are eager to receive your call!